Rob Walls

Portrait and Lifestyle Photography Sessions

I'm a portrait photographer and my sole aim is to take beautiful photographs of you and your family that you will love!

Being a dad I understand how fraught day to day family life can be sometimes.  Some days are full of tears, tantrums, bickering with one another and a good dose of whining (and that can be just the adults...).  I want to give you an opportunity to have a brief interlude of calm, so we can capture the family you know and love, to preserve the detail, the connection, the joy and the laughter that is there.  Life is short and is made of small moments so why not capture them?

So why me? What do I do differently?

No Studio (we have the whole outdoors! or sometimes indoors due to the unreliable weather in blighty!)

No Posing - I want to capture the natural you so don't expect you to pose or say cheese, unless you really want that 80's catalogue look.

No Set Up or Hard Sell - My pricing is clear the only thing you are committed to is the session fee which is for my time and experience.  It is an added cost for prints and products, the pricing of which is available for you before you commit to a session.


So why do I do this what is my raison d'être?

If you ask yourself what are some of the most valuable possessions you own it is not likely to be your 50'' TV or your iPhone or your fancy car.  It will be the picture of your Mum when she was alive, pictures of your children when they were babies, or that image of your grandparents when they were married.  I want to capture you and your family to preserve those moments for you to treasure and so when you are no longer, your children (and their children) have some beautiful images they can cherish and those images will be priceless.


I am based in Warwick and can travel to Leamington Spa, Stratford Upon Avon, Coventry, Rugby, Banbury, Kenilworth, Evesham and also cover Birmingham.  I can recommend some great locations for your family photo sessions to ensure you have a great experience!

What you get:

  • An email and telephone consultation to get to know you and your family before the photo shoot.  If you are not too far away I will try and pop round and say Hi! beforehand.
  • A relaxed photography session lasting from 2 hours up to one day, in your home and hopefully out and about!
  • A proofing gallery of 50 - 60 photographs for you to purchase (this number will be considerably higher for a full day session)
  • Commissions start from £295, please request a brochure for full pricing details.